MY FACEBOOK WAS HACKED?! How to NOT get hacked on public wi-fi

MY FACEBOOK WAS HACKED?! How to NOT get hacked on public wi-fi

Last year's video on people using Firesheep to.hack your Facebook: THIS VIDEO is on how to protect yourself when using wifi sources outside of your home to eliminate any chance of outsiders snooping what you're up to online. This will encrypt 100% of your online traffic and keep.hackers and online censors from knowing what you are up to online. You used to be only protected from people when you used HTTPS connections to websites but using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will encrypt 100% of your data, ensuring no one will know what you're up to and prevent you from being.hacked or having data stolen or monitored. Enjoy! Get Hotspot Shield at If there is interest in how to make your own VPN using a home computer, let us know in the comments and a HouseholdHacker representative will read your comment shortly. Have a nice day, thank you for viewing.

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FINALLY finished .hack Vol 3, Next one is the last...Let's see how far we've come...(hopefully there'll be less need of virus cores -.-)

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