Apple Controls Release of iPad Mini in China

Apple Controls Release of iPad Mini in China

Apple is requiring Chinese customers who want to buy a Wi-Fi iPad Mini to participate in an online lottery for the chance. But most of the buyers at an Apple store in Beijing appeared to be making their purchases on behalf of scalpers. The WSJ's Wayne Ma has the story. Subscribe to the WSJ Live YouTube Channel - More WSJLive YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: WSJ:
descubri a diferença de ipod e ipad esses dias

RT @_TexasTee: I think I want an UNNECESSARY iPad Mini.

@IBigknife chillin. Passing time on my ipad. Lol yourself?

RT @RickTrotter: My daughter says she's texting Santa from my iPad. Hope he's got one of those unlimited data plans!

RT @SoyBienMamon: ¿Quieres ganarte un iPad 3 de 16GB y una cuenta de 2mil seguidores? DALE RETWEET A ESTE TUIT. RT RT RT RT #GanarNoEstá ...

RT @LesaMonroe: My daughter slandered me into letting her watch Disney Junior on her iPad so, now I'm feeling really stupid.

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